August 20, 2007 Photograph
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Part One

A sheriff comes by and serves Michael and Phyllis papers to revoke Phyllis’ bail. Noah clings to Phyllis, saying that he wants to stay with her until she has to go. Daniel tells him that she’s going to have to go back to the courthouse now.

Daniel tries to lift Noah’s mood with some basketball.

Part Two

Daniel tells him that no matter what is going on with their parents, the two of them will always be friends. Judge Chong allows Phyllis to stay free on bail as long as she wears a monitoring device, and says that her sentencing will take place tomorrow morning.

Part Three

Adrian (Eyal Podell) returns from his trip to Prague and gives Colleen an antique necklace. They kiss longingly. He later tells Colleen that he saw his friend at the museum in Paris, and slips that he was upset that he chose the painting over him.

Colleen realizes that Brad donated a painting to that museum in exchange for them not hiring Adrian.

Part Four

Colleen fills him in on what is going on with Kevin and Jana, and how she has a little sympathy for them. Colleen and Adrian go to Jana’s psych ward room, and Jana apologizes to him for all the crazy things she put her through when her tumor was making her act up.

Later, Colleen rips into Brad, demanding to know why he bribed the curator at the museum in Paris to rescind Adrian’s job. Meanwhile, Jana tells Adrian that Brad has been living under a false identity for years.

The Young and the Restless
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