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Jack and Sharon have fun as he taunts her with a series of clues leading to a special "treasure." The clues take them all over Genoa City until they end up back at home where she opens the final note which reveals plane tickets for Paris.

Calling it the honeymoon they never had, Jack reveals he's got a ticket for Noah, too.

Episode Recap, Part I

Sharon is guilt-ridden as she remembers kissing Nick while locked in the old bank safe.

After confirming that Brad (Don Diamont) and Colleen (Tammin Sursok) are bogus names, Jana loses control again and starts talking about her children with Kevin. She then lets slip to Adrian what Brad's real name is.

Colleen tells her father that he deserves what Phyllis did to him after he cost Adrian the job in Paris.

Episode Recap, Part II

Later, Colleen confirms for Adrian that Brad's real name is George Kaplan. She describes how her grandmother was a hero but admits that her family doesn't want the publicity.

Though he claims the story must be told, Adrian agrees not to write about them unless she okays it, calling it her legacy, not Brad's. Logan advises Brad that she has decided to do some work with Doctors Without Borders and will be leaving town soon.

Describing Jana's deteriorating condition, Kevin seeks Gloria's advice on what to do should she get worse.


Nick calls Logan for help when he and Phyllis notice Summer has a fever. Logan assures them both that they have done the right thing. Nick promises Phyllis he will take care of Summer should Phyllis end up in prison.

Kevin sneaks into bed with Jana.

The Young and the Restless
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