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Part One: Nick advises Phyllis that in spite of her offer, he is not going to divorce her and kisses her to prove it. After Sharon advises Jack that she will not be in court for the sentencing, Phyllis calls Jack and asks him to be there for her. Neil tries to convince her to be there to make sure Phyllis pays for what she did but Sharon decides to put her trust in the judge.

In court for the sentencing hearing, Brad testifies that Phyllis ruined his life and his marriage.

Part Two: Nikki is next and blames her daughter's failed marriage on Phyllis. Neil tells the judge that Phyllis caused Dru's death but the judge reminds him that was never proven. Daniel's upset when Lily sides with her father about Phyllis costing her her mother's life. Daniel then testifies on behalf of his mother and while, Lauren takes care of Summer, Nick discusses the memories of Phyllis that have returned. After Phyllis starts crying, the judge calls a recess.

Brad approaches Victoria about testifying against Phyllis and ends up arguing with Nick.

Part Three: Back in court, Phyllis tells the judge that she deserves to be in prison but thinks that he'll be punishing her daughter if he sentences her to jail. Meanwhile, a curious Noah pesters his mother about the hearing today. She eventually brings Noah to court and he hands the judge a list of the positive things about Phyllis.

Surprisingly, Sharon takes the stand and testifies that Phyllis made a mistake but shouldn't be punished any further for it.

The Young and the Restless
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