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Part I

As they wait for the judge to return, Sharon confides to Jack (Peter Bergman) that she spoke up for Phyllis because of Noah. Phyllis tries to apologize to Neil for what happened to Dru but he won't accept it.

Part II

Later, when Lily complains about Phyllis, Devon suggests that Dru would have forgiven Phyllis by now and thinks that they should consider doing so. Lily adamantly refuses. Nikki interrupts with some business for Neil (Kristoff St. John).

Devon thanks her for her testimony against Phyllis

Part III

Neil points out that it often takes death for people to realize how much they need each other. Victoria and J.T. guess that Sharon spoke up for Phyllis because of Jack.

Victoria admits that for a moment, she had compassion for Phyllis but the thought faded. The two are shocked when Nikki invites them to have dinner with her.

Part IV

Guessing she's sharing take-out with Adrian at his place, Kevin brings Colleen the correct order from the coffeehouse and apologizes. She invites him to join them which upsets Adrian. Kevin declines after he gets a call about meeting a surgeon to help Jana.

Kevin stops by the hospital where the doctor tells him and Jana that the operation will take place tomorrow. Noah calls to check on Phyllis which gives Phyllis the chance to thank Sharon for her kind words.

Part IV

Phyllis points out that it was more than she deserved. Phyllis tells Nick that she still wants Michael and Lauren to help take care of Summer should she end up behind bars.

She offers to pay the debt Daniel owes from the missing money but he insists it's his problem.

Phyllis then makes a video for Summer, which leads to Jack kissing her passionately. Sharon advises Neil why she spoke on behalf of Phyllis. He responds that he wants revenge because his wife is gone.

The Young and the Restless
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