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As the sentencing hearing is called back to order, the judge advises Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that she was found guilty of a class H felony and the maximum punishment is six years in prison. He goes on to announce that while he could give her less time behind bars, he has decided to make it the full six years and must report to prison tomorrow afternoon.


While Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) smiles, Sharon watches as Noah walks up to Phyllis to hug her. Noticing Sharon, Brad suggests she use this decision to tell Noah that people are punished when they do something bad. She wonders if she is to blame because of their affair.

Ignoring his suggestion that Michael do something about this, Phyllis asks Nick to be strong for her son as well as Noah.


Meanwhile, Noah tells Brad that he knows he had sex with his mother and thinks that they are just as guilty as Phyllis and deserve to be sent to jail. Nikki assures Phyllis she didn't want this to happen. When she offers to help Nick raise Summer, Phyllis warns that she will not be allowed anywhere near her daughter.

The two end up shouting at each other until Nikki walks out.


Telling Jack that his father is the only person who didn't make a mistake, Noah announces to him and Sharon that he wants to live with Nick. Kevin and Colleen find Gloria with Jana who suddenly decides that she doesn't want the operation because she may die. Kevin offers to accompany her into the operating room and though the doctor's against it, he eventually allows it.


As the doctor works on Jana, Brad arrives and talks to Colleen about Jana. He offers to stay with her, even when Michael arrives with the news about Phyllis. Maggie pushes Paul to come clean to Heather that he is her father but he refuses and claims he promised her mother he wouldn't.

The Young and the Restless
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