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At Kevin's, Amber and Daniel spend time trying to figure out who took the money they buried and how they're going to pay the government back.

Daniel jokes that Jana might have taken it. When Jana calls, Kevin hangs up on her. Later, he calls the hospital to complain about Jana harassing him.

After another call that Jana (Emily O'Brien) is getting weaker, Kevin decides to go see if she's faking. Amber guesses he still has feelings for her but he denies it.


Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Michael explains to Phyllis, Nick and Lauren that a tape of a meeting she had with Brad has been given to the D.A. by David. Phyllis admits that it probably features her threatening Brad. Sure enough, Heather has the videotape played and Phyllis can be heard ordering Brad to vote for Neil.

Nick guesses that Phyllis would have told Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about Brad's affair but she denies it. Michael announces that she is going on the stand next.


When she does so, Phyllis insists she was just trying to scare him and claims that Brad is blaming everyone else for his failed marriage. When it's her turn, Heather mentions Phyllis' past troubles though Phyllis reminds her that she was cleared of the charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Later, Michael and Heather give their closing arguments.

With Neil by his side, Victor (Eric Braeden) tells Nikki that he's called an emergency board meeting. He also reveals he had David investigated and found out he only dates rich women.

At the meeting, Victor complains about the news at the trial and then removes Brad from the project. He believes Devon can do a better job.

David then accuses Victor of trying to run him off the road earlier, but Victor claims that if he wanted him dead, he would be dead.

The Young and the Restless
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