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Episode Guide, Part I

Victor (Eric Braeden) interrupts Nick and Phyllis' time with Noah and Daniel to present Phyllis with some books to read while she's locked up. Jack is next and boasts that he had a word with the warden to treat her right. He also promises she will win her appeal and soon be free again.

Noah convinces Nick to let him go home with Jack

Episode Guide, Part II

Before they have sex again, Phyllis asks Nick (Joshua Morrow) to document every change in Summer while she's gone. Kay advises Jill that she's already looking for someone to replace Jill at the company but when she admits she doesn't want the public to know about the Jabot ownership scheme, Jill warns the truth will come out soon.

Upset, Kay calls Victor to complain but he just smiles

Episode Guide, Part III

Meanwhile, Ji Min tells Jill he's willing to put his reputation on the line to make her happy where the Jabot deal is concerned. He then points out that the Jabot stock tripled in value after the last disclosure came out. Daniel meets Amber at the Crimson Lights and is upset when Heather asks if Amber has made a decision about the deal she was offered.

Daniel complains that he wasn't given a deal but Amber tells Heather that she's not interested. After Heather leaves, Amber shows Daniel the hundred dollar bill she got from Ji Min and gets Daniel to try and trace it using the Internet but the ploy fails. Jack brings Noah home and warns Sharon that he's been misbehaving.

The End

Sharon guesses it's due to the lack of a stable family. Later, she finds Noah has locked the dog in a closet. Noah tells his mother that he put the dog in "jail" because it misbehaved.

The Young and the Restless
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