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Part 1: As Gloria reacts to seeing William's lookalike, Jeff announces that he is the dead man's twin brother. Admitting his relationship with his brother wasn't very good, Jeff claims he wanted to try to fix things but he's too late. He then reveals that their parents divorced years ago and each one got custody of one of the twins. Jeff also claims that William boasted of a woman he met who made "life worth living." Suggesting they get money from some Korean Hedge funds, Ji Min (Eric Steinberg) talks to Jill about a new business idea he has and suggests they call the company "Forever." Jill tells Kay that she's moving out.

Part 2: Claiming she doesn't mind being cut out of her will, Jill announces to her mother that she is starting a new business with Ji Min, one that will compete with Jabot. Later, Kay offers Ji Min a million dollars to leave town and not come back. He gets her to bump up the amount and then rips up her check. Kay responds by firing him. Ji Min confides in Jill about the bribe attempt and how he handled it. Remembering that Cane claimed he had a date tonight at Indigo, Amber accepts Daniel's offer to take her to Neil's club. When Lily and Colleen stop by the club and see Cane's alone, Colleen accepts his offer to join him and pushes Lily to sit next to him. Daniel and Amber arrive and after she mentions Cane told her about his date, Daniel assumes he's with Lily.

Part 3: As he stares, he guesses they're trying to upset him. Meanwhile, having a great time with Cane, Lily spots Daniel and wants to leave but Cane and Colleen convince her to stay. After Colleen leaves, the two decide to make Daniel and Amber upset. Daniel hands Lily his keys and apologizes for hurting her. Neil's impressed when Karen jumps in to tend bar after he's told the bartender went home sick. Gloria worries to Lauren and Michael that Jeff wants William's money.

The Young and the Restless
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