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DECEMBER 13, 2007

J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) is alone and miserable at the loft. He clutches onto a blanket that Victoria was trying to make for her baby. Colleen (Tammin Sursok) cleans J.T.’s apartment and finds an empty glass that smells like alcohol. She is sad for him because he is so upset about Victoria (Amelia Heinle).

Brad goes to see Victoria but her nurse says Victor (Eric Braeden) doesn’t want anyone to see her if he isn’t present. Brad goes to the hospital, but again, can’t find out any information about the baby without first speaking to the Newmans. At the hospital, Brad and Victor argue about whether or not Brad gets to see the baby. Victor states that Brad was willing to let Victoria die, therefore Brad is not going to see the baby.

Gloria (Judith Chapman) asks Kevin to distract Michael and Lauren tonight so they don’t see her eating at the club with Jeff. When Michael and Lauren get home, they insist on taking Kevin to dinner at the GCAC. Kevin tries to protest but to no avail. He calls Gloria, telling her they are all going to the restaurant. Gloria agrees to marry Jeff but only if he pretends he’s fallen madly in love with her. Michael knows it is a lie ...

The Young and the Restless
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