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PART ONE: Sharon advises Nick and Phyllis that she and Noah are moving out of the Abbott house after the holidays but she's not getting a divorce. They remind her that Nikki's currently living in her old place. Nick tries to convince Victor to put his anger on hold during the rest of the holidays but his father refuses. After Kay suggests it, a reluctant David asks Jack if he'd like to be part of the lawsuit against Victor.

PART TWO: Neil assures Victor that the drilling started again at Crystal Springs. Mentioning her upcoming move, Sharon suggests to Nikki that they share her old house. Paul congratulates J.T. on becoming a new father and, as he talks about the joys of being a dad, Heather enters. Realizing his shortcomings, Paul talks about his son and his perceived failures.

PART THREE: J.T. sends him to his daughter but when he invites her to spend the holiday with him and Maggie, Heather turns Paul down. When he mentions the many holidays he missed because of his work, she counters that she missed 25 Christmases without her dad. Maggie asks about Victor and Ji Min and learns David never saw Victor the day of Ji Min's death.

PART FOUR: Seeing Daniel, Heather confronts him about the money for the car repairs. When he tries to put her off, she compares his police record to his mother's. Daniel mentions he wasn't raised by his mother and reveals that he was actually raised more by his father. Daniel promises her money is in the mail.

The Young and the Restless
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