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Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis are playing a very physical video game. Phyllis can tell that Nick is taking the game too seriously and venting his anger toward Victor. Phyllis and Nick have just finished their movie and take out food when Phyllis grabs Nick and begins kissing him passionately. Amber tries to engage Cane at the coffee house but Cane avoids her. Daniel sees Amber (Adrienne Frantz) in the window videotaping herself.


Amber tries on her new “Maria” disguise and practices auditioning for the “Faces of Jabot” contest. Victor (Eric Braeden) confirms with Paul that he is aware of the investigation of Ji Min Kim’s death and allegations against him. Victor highly suspects that it was Jack who killed Ji Min. Paul tells Maggie that Victor has been inquiring about the Ji Min Kim case.


Jack prepares a romantic dinner for Sharon with hopes of enticing her to change her mind about the divorce. He promises to change, but Sharon is still unable to forgive him. Brad comforts Sharon and urges her to make the right decision with regards to her and Jack. Later, Sharon comes home to find Jack and Noah ...


Nick suggests Jack give Sharon (Sharon Case) her space in order to get her back. Victor is served with Nikki’s lawsuit papers. At Nick and Sharon’s old place, Nikki and David are discussing the lawsuit, when Victor enters the house in a rage. David explains to Nikki that although he understands that she is going through a lot of family trouble, he can’t wait any longer. David asks a shocked Nikki to marry him...

The Young and the Restless
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