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PART I: Victor (Eric Braeden) advises Nikki that he can't imagine living without their daughter but Nikki claims she knows Victoria would want them to save her baby. Dr. Webb presses for a final decision. Nick asks if they can wait a few days. In prison Phyllis is nervous as she waits for word about her appeal. Jana tries to calm her but Phyllis fears that Jana's bad luck for her. A guard informs Phyllis that the warden is coming to see her because of some contraband found in her locker.

PART II: Jana (Emily O'Brien) tells the warden that they are her things but he accuses her of lying and vows to punish her. When Colleen and Adrian stop to have his leg examined, J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) warns that she may die. Colleen quickly calls her father with the news. Brad arrives and asks Victor why he wasn't been told sooner about Victoria. Victor argues that he and Nikki will make a decision about their daughter. Brad later advises Colleen (Tammin Sursok) that he knows Victoria would want the baby to live.

PART III: J.T. states that they should take the baby and both admit they can't imagine their lives without Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Victor later advises Nick that the doctors have stated that Victoria will die if they don't take the baby. After seeking advice from Adrian about his daughter's words while entrapped at Clear Springs, Victor asks Nick to make the decision because he and Nikki can't agree. When he can't, Dr. Webb offers to get a "mediator" from the hospital to decide.

The Young and the Restless
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