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Part One: Y&R (11/7/07)
As The Young and the Restless returns, Maggie and Paul get ready for the Enrique Iglesias concert. Maggie winces in pain when she puts on her coat, complaining her stomach hurts. Michael asks Lauren if she wants to go to the concert tonight since they haven’t left the house in days. Lauren eventually agrees. Lily, Colleen, Devon, and Roxanne all meet up in the back office at Indigo.

Part Two: Y&R (11/7/07)
Devon (Bryton) tells them that they should go out to the main room and find Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Karen. At Indigo, Lily goes up to Cane. They chat awkwardly. Lily feels even more awkward when Heather comes over to ask Cane to get them drinks. Lily rushes outside to get some air, and Neil follows. He knows that Lily has feelings for Cane and doesn’t think that they should see each other, due to the fact that he also just got divorced and is a lot older than her.

Part Three: Y&R (11/7/07)
Lily and Daniel talk. When Daniel leaves and she sees Cane (Daniel Goddard) talking to Amber, Lily starts to feel down in the dumps. At Indigo, Paul, Maggie, Neil and Karen make small talk. Paul tells Michael that it was Victor’s drilling company that caused the Clear Springs collapse. Michael is outraged. Maggie tells Paul, Lauren, and Michael that her gunshot wound is acting up.

Part Four: Y&R (11/7/07)
Thinking about Sheila Carter makes Lauren nervous and she says she needs to get air. Paul and Maggie talk about when he kidnapped Sheila. Heather comes outside and overhears everything. Heather rushes back to Cane, telling him that she just heard some very disturbing news. Neil introduces Enrique Iglesias, who performs a song for the crowd at Indigo for the Clear Springs Relief Fund.

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