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Paul announces to Maggie that he's decided he's going to tell Heather he's her father. Kevin makes small talk with Heather who asks him about Sheila. He tells her all he knows is that Lauren shot her in self-defense.

Y&R Episode Recap: Part One

Heather then stops by to see Lauren and when she mentions Sheila's name, Lauren freaks out and asks if she's still alive. Michael (Christian LeBlanc) returns home and stops the discussion. After shooing Heather out, Michael warns Lauren that ADA's don't just come by for a chat. He also hints that Phyllis' appeal looks good but asks her not to say anything to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford). Heather then questions Maggie about Sheila and Maggie describes how she was shot. When Phyllis answers a few questions about Sheila, she suggests that Heather owes her a good word or two to the parole board.

Y&R Episode Recap: Part Two

Back at work at Newman Phyllis confirms for Jack that she is still taking time to talk with the chaplain and claims that these talks are helping her. She also admits that there is talk that Jack might have had something to do with John's new will but Jack denies it. Meanwhile, Jana (Emily O'Brien) interrogates the same chaplain who won't talk about his time with John but does give her the name of John's cellmate. Jana then calls Kevin (Greg Rikaart) with the name. He, in turn, tells Gloria who decides they must find this guy to uncover Jack's scheme. With her daughter's blood pressure still high, Nikki presses Dr. Ryan to do everything to get her daughter well again. Ryan argues that everything is being done to help Victoria (Amelia Heinle).


Later, Dr. Grant updates them that there is no swelling and no bleeding in the brain which is good for the patient. Paul finally sits Heather down and admits that he got a girl pregnant as a teen and eventually agreed not to be a part of the baby's life. Staring at her, Paul announces that he is her father.

The Young and the Restless
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