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  • Meeting at Clear Springs, Paul congratulates J.T. on his engagement.
  • When Paul asks him about Joe Bottington, J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) admits all he knows about the manager is that he met with David.
  • David joins them but leaves when Victor's name comes up.

Later, David (Vincent Irizarry) hints to J.T. that Paul may be there to check on them both because of their involvement with Newman women. Victoria boasts to Nick about her engagement to J.T. Giving his okay, Nick also offers to resume as co-CEO at Newman Enterprises to help her out. He invites their parents to join them during which Victoria announces her engagement.

Nick reveals his plans to get back behind the CEO desk. Victor announces that he and their mother are getting a divorce and then coldly states that Nikki is sleeping with another man. Nikki counters that Victor drove her to do it. Nick follows Victor after he leaves while Victoria remains with Nikki to comfort her and listen.

Later, Brad overhears Victoria talking to her brother about J.T. and the baby.

He questions the baby's paternity and warns his ex-wife that if it is his, no one will be able to keep him from raises the baby. Brad hands Colleen a check for her tuition and books, promising never to "cut her off" again.

  • Colleen spills a drink on a customer who starts yelling at her for her mistake.
  • Heather steps up and defends Colleen and points out it was the man's fault.
  • Dean LaMont offers Adrian a job replacing an ill professor at the university.
  • After confessing to the dean that he's dating a student, Adrian approaches Colleen.
  • He explains the dean okayed it as long as she doesn't take any of his classes.
  • Later at the Crimson Lights, Adrian thanks Heather for defending Colleen.
  • She reveals she'll be taking the class he's teaching.
The Young and the Restless
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