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Part I: The Young and the Restless (10.11.07)

After Heather boasts to Colleen (Tammin Sursok) about how great her first class with Adrian was, Colleen invites her to the apartment to pick up an art book. There, Heather spots a figurine that looks like one her dead roommate Macy once had. Adrian arrives and claims it was Macy's and that her parents gave it to him because of all he did for her. After Heather leaves, Colleen presses the issue so Adrian pulls out a photo of Macy and admits how he is responsible for this tragedy.

Part II: The Young and the Restless (10.11.07)

Phyllis calls from prison and leaves a happy birthday message for Nick (Joshua Morrow). After arguing with Jana, Phyllis is thrilled when Nick arrives with Summer who is fussy and doesn't like Phyllis holding her. The two then receive notice that Phyllis is having an appeal hearing this afternoon. Nick mentions his sister's engagement and then is asked to leave. Told about the hearing, Michael advises Lauren that Phyllis has a fifty-fifty chance of being freed. Arguing about what Jeffrey knows about the tainted skin cream, Gloria and Kevin debate why the man is remaining in Genoa City. Lauren interrupts, armed with a cake for tonight's birthday party for Nick.

Part III: The Young and the Restless (10.11.07)

Meanwhile, Jeffrey tells Maggie about his concern over his brother's death. When he spots Gloria arrive, he sits with her and confides that he hasn't told her the truth about his brother. Jeffrey claims that they were both attracted to the same incredible woman until William won over Miranda's heart and married her. He adds that he moved away because he couldn't stand seeing hem together. Visiting in prison, Kevin tells Jana he intends to round up enough doctors who will testify that her tumor made her do the terrible things she did.

Gloria tells Kevin about Jeffrey and wonders if he's attracted to her. As Fen takes his first steps, Michael hears the FAX machine working, printing out the ruling on Phyllis' appeal.

The Young and the Restless
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