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Part I: The Young and the Restless

Finding Lily starting to work out at the Athletic Club, Cane offers to take her out for some physical exercise. Thrilled, Lily's excitement is tempered when Cane (Daniel Goddard) introduces her to Stacey, a beautiful woman he calls his workout buddy. Seeing her father about to eat dinner alone, Colleen invites Brad to have dinner with her and Adrian. Sat the apartment, Brad's curious about the professor's notes concerning the reliquary. As they eat, Colleen calls to complain that she made a mistake inviting her father over since Brad and Adrian aren't even speaking now. Lily mentions Stacey.

Part II: The Young and the Restless

After spotting her giving him a peck on the cheek, Cane assures Lily that Stacey has "nothing on you" and invites her to work out with him. When Sharon admits that she's going to see Phyllis tomorrow, Noah insists that he go with her. Sharon won't allow it and gets Jack to agree by reminding them both that Noah's been suspended from school for fighting. Nick arrives and, after Noah goes upstairs, Jack (Peter Bergman) refuses to accept Nick's apology for kissing Sharon, accusing him of wanting to get closer to her.

Part III: The Young and the Restless

Later, Jack resents it when Nick claims that the kiss helped him understand that Sharon does love Jack. When Jack reacts, Nick stops him by warning that Jack's illegal actions are affecting his son. Noah stops them from fighting and, as Nick leaves, Jack orders him to stay away from the house. Meanwhile, Sharon opens up to Neil (Kristoff St. John) about Jack learning about the kiss. When she admits he found out by overhearing her telling Brad, she realizes how dumb it was to talk with anyone about it.

Hinting that she might have wanted Jack to know, Neil assures her that Jack would have to be out of his mind not to still want to be with her. Sharon tries to put a little romance back into her marriage but Jack isn't interested, admitting how foolish he feels.

The Young and the Restless
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