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Part One
Phyllis fears the worst when she sees a TV news report about the explosion at Clear Springs and how the casino and parking garage have been destroyed. Nick wakes in pain and starts calling out for help. Jack wakes and eventually the two are reunited. They then shout out for Sharon (Sharon Case) and find her bleeding from her leg. Guessing her leg isn't broken, the two pull her out from the rubble as she screams in pain. Jack (Peter Bergman) works on isolating her leg and advises Nick that they must get out of there for fear the methane gas he smells may explode. Sharon worries about where Noah may be.

Part Two
Finding a large pipe blocking their way, Nick offers to hold it open for Jack and Sharon but Jack eventually handles the task after exchanging what might be final farewells with them. Nikki calls Victor and he orders her to get away but she refuses to leave until she can find Nick. Phyllis calls Victor and asks for his help reaching Michael and Nick. Victor reveals his plans to hurry to Clear Springs. Jana tries to calm Phyllis after another TV report reveals that the entire Clear Springs project is in ruins.

Part Three
When Victor (Eric Braeden) advises Neil (Kristoff St. John) of what has happened, Neil wonders if someone sabotaged the project. He lets Brad know and the two decide to drive there together. As Nikki checks at the hotel to see if Nick was registered, David warns her that he did see Nick's car in the parking garage. After a frantic call from his mother, Daniel asks Jana to call him should his mother try anything to escape. Nick manages to get Sharon to rescuers who put her on an ambulance. Nikki is relieved to see her son who shouts that they must go back to save Jack.

Just then, word comes that a seriously injured boy is trapped....

The Young and the Restless
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