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The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part I

Victor (Eric Braeden) arrives at Clear Springs and finds Nikki a wreck and Sharon waiting for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Sharon (Sharon Case) explains that she is not going anywhere until she learns that her son is safe. Victor urges her to get the help she needs and let the rescue workers do their job.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) announces that Paul (Doug Davidson), Maggie, Noah, Lauren and Jack are still inside the rubble. Daniel arrives and quickly gives his phone to Nick so he can update a worried Phyllis. Trapped, Paul tries to calm Noah as do Lauren and Maggie. Lauren reaches Michael using Paul's phone but the connection is terrible and he can't understand what she is saying. Michael calls Victor for information but when he's not forthcoming, he tells Gloria that he's driving up to Clear Springs.

Gloria insists on accompanying him.

The Young and the Restless: Episode Guide, Part II

The women decide to bang on some pipes in hopes of attracting attention but then stop for fear of causing the methane gas to explode. Lauren starts having trouble breathing as panic sets in. Paul tries to calm her and when Lauren thanks him for being her knight in shining armor, Maggie stares at her.

Paul tries to treat Noah who develops a fever and becomes weaker.

Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Brad are next to arrive and quickly get a rebuff from Victor to stay back and let the professionals handle this. He does assign Neil to meet with the press and be the official spokesperson for now. Nikki worries when she can't reach Victoria on her phone. Jack struggles to free his leg as he remains trapped. Michael arrives with Gloria (Judith Chapman) and worries that Lauren may have a panic attack.

He starts to blame Nikki for what happened but then Paul, Noah, Maggie and Lauren emerge from the ripped open wall. Hearing from Lauren that Amber may be here, Daniel calls her cellphone. Kay is still trapped.

The Young and the Restless
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