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October 24 Episode Guide: Part 1

At the disaster site, Daniel worries to Kevin about a missing Amber (Adrianne Frantz). Meanwhile, a bleeding Amber is seen trapped in a car. When she wakes, she sounds the horn which only causes more rubble to fall. Amber manages to crawl out the car window. Jill advises Nikki that she's been unable to reach Cane and Kay. Paul reminds Jill that Cane knows the building and surrounding area better than anyone.

October 24 Episode Guide: Part 2

Finding a way out, J.T. and Cane urge Kay (Jeanne Cooper) to come with them but she pushes them to go on without her because she's just slowing them down. They drag her to an elevator car. There, J.T. realizes the opening in the ceiling of the car may lead to their freedom. Kay insists on staying there but asks Cane to tell Jill that she loves her. Kay hears a noise and realizes it's Amber who is thrilled to see her.

October 24 Episode Guide: Part 3

Later, Cane and J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) climb their way up through the elevator shaft though Cane wants to go back and help. Jill tries to stop him but he tells the commander that he is a member of the AER and adds that he has more rescue/survival experience than anyone on the rescue squad. Cane returns with another rescue worker and pulls Kay out first followed by Amber.

October 24 Episode Guide: Part 4

Daniel (Michael Graziadei), Jill and the others are thrilled to see them emerge from the debris though Jill's not pleased to see that he lied about being a rescue expert. While Nikki hands over one of Victoria's tops, Victor sends someone to Adrian's apartment to get a clothing sample the rescue dogs can use to find the professor. As Jack tries to crawl his way out, he finds a piece of paper and writes a letter to Sharon, admitting that he is proud to have been her husband.

Jack then collapses...

The Young and the Restless
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