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Lily (Christel Khalil) confides in Colleen regarding her crush on Cane. Colleen suggests that she create a school assignment where she will need to interview Cane to find out more about him. Lily nervously asks Cane if she can interview him for a school project, and he agrees.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide (10-3-2007)

Lily invites him to get something to eat, but knowing that she likes him and not wanting to lead her on, he declines. Cane flirts with Heather, and asks her out, as a way to take his mind off of Lily.

Victoria stops by Brad’s table at the GCAC to say hi to Abby.

Abby makes it awkward by asking if their baby is going to live in Brad’s guest room, but Brad says that he isn’t sure yet. Later, Brad tells Victoria (Amelia Heinle) that he truly wishes the best for her and the baby.

Victoria notices a sack of baby clothes in the conference room. She looks through it until she sees one of the same baby outfits she bought for her last baby.

She starts to cry until Brad walks in, then he gives her a supportive hug.

Nikki meets with Cane to look at the reports of how the Clear Springs construction is coming, but is unhappy with what she sees. She tells Cane to halt construction for a few days while she reassesses her next step, since she is going way over budget.

Sharon visits Phyllis in jail and apologizes for the kiss. Phyllis says that she doesn’t buy that Sharon and Jack are happy, since Sharon never once mentioned that she loves Jack.

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