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After agreeing that the disaster might be due to sabotage, Phyllis and Nick admit they both want to have sex but Nick claims he's too preoccupied. As Cane and Jill sit, Jack enters and is greeted with applause, to Jill's disgust.

Y&R: Episode Recap I
Amber and Kay exchange gifts after their terrifying experience in the rubble. Amber suggests to Jill and Cane that they start a fund for the victims. Jill then thanks her for all she did to help her mother. Kay pulls Jill to her and asks for her forgiveness for her past sins. Jill assures her she's already forgiven her. Jack gives Brad an update on Sharon and invites him to call her. A snooping Phyllis finds the goodbye note Jack wrote to Sharon.

Y&R: Episode Recap II

Nick (Daniel Goddard) surprises Phyllis by bringing Summer in her costume. Nikki listens as Victor talks with their comatose daughter about his failure to work with her on the project. He also asks for her forgiveness. As Dr. Logan examines Victoria (Amelia Heinle), David (Vincent Irizarry) warns Nikki that inspectors are heading to Clear Springs so he's going up there too. When Victor hears J.T. on the phone talking about his investigation, he forces J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) to name Joe and David as suspects. David walks by with Nikki so Victor accuses him of being responsible for the accident. David denies it. He later assures Nikki he's innocent. Logan warns Brad that Victoria may have suffered brain damage and that the shape of her hands will show whether she's getting worse.

Jill calls Carter the reporter to leak that Jack (Peter Bergman) is now the main suspect in Ji Min's (Eric Steinberg) murder. Victor lashes out at Cane and Kay for what happened to his daughter.

The Young and the Restless
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