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Part One

Adrian's uncomfortable when Heather talks with him at the Crimson Lights about her former roommate Macy and asks what it was like to find her dead body. He mumbles a few words and then leaves. Lily stops by the loft and finds Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Daniel half-dressed. She hands Daniel the divorce papers and asks him to sign them.

Part Two

Though he tells her that he loves her, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) signs the document. After Lily leaves and the two claim they want nothing to do with the opposite sex, Amber tells him about the $100 bill she found in Ji Min's room and that Carson confirmed it was one of the stolen bills. Daniel lays into her for working with Carson and not him and Kevin.

Part Three

Daniel suggests that he and Amber return to Ji Min's room and search again for the money. Amber then calls the Athletic Club to reserve a room and when they arrive, Carson spots them. While she distracts Carson and asks him to make a nearby Cane jealous, Daniel heads up to Ji Min's room. Cane asks J.T. to go undercover at the Clear Springs project to find out who is ripping off the construction supplies.

Part Four

As Colleen and Adrian decide to hop into his bed, Lily interrupts, crying to her friend about finding Amber wearing Daniel's shirt at the loft. Kevin stops by with a bag Colleen left behind and Lily gets the idea to hold a divorce party. They stop by the Athletic Club to make plans to hold it there and when she watches Lily eye Cane (Daniel Goddard), Colleen pushes her to invite him to the party.

Part Five

Lily asks and Cane accepts.

Amber joins Daniel in Ji Min's room and later, she finds the cash hidden inside the wall vent. When Jack calls Sharon and she doesn't answer, he then finds her chatting with Brad. She lies she was in the elevator and then leaves to take a call. Jack warns Brad to stay away from his wife.

The Young and the Restless
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