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Part One

Amber (Adrienne Frantz) decides she can't turn in the money so she chooses to get some shredded currency and burn it as evidence that all the money is gone. As Colleen, Lily, Adrian and Cane talk about the upcoming "divorce party," Lily confides in Colleen how attracted she is to Cane (Daniel Goddard).

Part Two

Colleen notices Cane eyeing Lily but later, Cane invites Heather to Lily's party. When Nick is told on the phone that Phyllis has lost her phone privileges, Victoria offers to go see her for him. Victor interrupts and reports that the NTSB has still been unable to determine why the jet crashed over Lake Michigan, almost killing Nick. After Nikki cancels a meeting with Victor, Victoria and Nick decide their parents need to sit down and talk their troubles out.

Part Three

While Victoria convinces Nikki to meet later, Nick presses his father until he agrees but when it comes time for the chat, Nikki fails to show. Victor takes a moment to complain that his wife is with David.

Having done some research on the Internet, Amber returns to the hotel and burns some of the cash found in the vent in hopes of mixing the ashes with those from the shredded bills. But when a smoke alarm suddenly sounds, everyone starts rushing out of their rooms.

Part Four

Nikki and David leave his room and as they run downstairs in their robes, Victor, Victoria and Nick see them. Taking a steam, Jill hears the sound but panics when she can't open the door to the steam room. Casually walking by, Amber hears Jill and is able to open it to free her. Jill claims that Amber saved her life.

The Young and the Restless
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