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The Young and the Restless Episode Guide, Part 1

Kevin (Greg Rikaart) considers destroying the DVD about Jack but Gloria asks him to hold onto it because she may be able to use it. When Jack decides he needs to go see Phyllis to cheer her up, Sharon calls Brad for a pick-me-up and agrees to meet him at the club. There, Brad makes fun of her appearance on TV, standing up for her husband but Sharon asks him to agree that Jack did help save Jabot. Instead, he tells her that they will one day be together.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide, Part 2

Jack meets Phyllis and both agree that their lives are miserable. He mentions that Sharon (Sharon Case) thinks he should go public with what really happened and she agrees. He complains about Victor's desire to seek revenge and she guesses that going public with the truth would only hurt him. He returns home and waits for Sharon who eventually arrives. Up in bed, Jack insists that what he did wasn't "evil" so he decides that he will tell anyone who is interested that he did own Jabot.

The Young and the Restless Episode Guide, Part 3

Thrilled, Sharon has sex with him. Meanwhile, Victor decides to pay a visit to Phyllis in prison.

He offers to get her into a work release program or possibly get her sentence commuted if she agrees to testify against Jack. Phyllis refuses the offer. Later, Gloria calls Victor and announces that she may have some information that could do a lot of damage to Jack if he's interested. Victor asks her to meet with him.

The Young and the Restless
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