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The Young and the Restless Recap, Part One

Gloria tells Kevin that she’s going to give Victor the tape of Jack confessing that he owned Jabot. Michael walks in on Kevin and Gloria scrubbing Kevin’s computer hard drive.

He picks up the computer and destroys it. Brad tells Sharon that he regrets marrying Victoria and not her, and that he will always be in love with Sharon. Sharon is flattered, but walks away. Brad asks Colleen to go to the synagogue with him tonight for Kol Nidre, to atone for the sins of the year. Colleen agrees to join him.

Cane invites Lily to a concert tomorrow night and to dinner tonight. Lily says yes to dinner, but says that since she’s only 20 she can’t get into the concert. Cane is surprised, saying she is too young for him. Phyllis’ privileges are reinstated so Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon take Noah for a visit.

The Young and the Restless Recap, Part Two

At the prison, Nick explains to Noah that he broke a rule the last time he was here so he can’t visit Phyllis. Noah is angry at the warden for not allowing Nick to visit Phyllis with him. In the visitation room, Sharon brings Noah in and he reluctantly hugs Phyllis.

Noah keeps looking toward the door and eventually reveals Nick is here, but the warden won’t let him in. Not aware that Sharon (Sharon Case) is overhearing, Nick tells the prison warden how much he is in love with Phyllis, and to not punish her for his mistake, and to let him see her.

Nick and Sharon later talk about how they still remember the good times they’ve had, but know that they live different lives now. The warden brings in Phyllis, and she embraces Nick.

The Young and the Restless Recap, Part Three

She tells Nick that Victor visited her here, saying that he’d get her into a prisoner-release program where she could live in an apartment on the outside if she turned Jack in. Nick is furious that Victor would make that kind of deal. Nick storms into Victor’s office, telling him to do whatever he can to get Phyllis out of jail.

The Young and the Restless
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