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Nikki and David tune in to see the TV news reporter play the audio tape of Jack and Ji Min’s deal.

As Jack helps set up for his press conference, Kay enters and demands that Jack state she had no knowledge of him owning Jabot, since she did him a favor by bailing him out. Phyllis calls Jack to wish him luck at the press conference. When he hangs up, he notices the GCAC is filling up with reporters.

During Jack’s speech, he states that no member of his family, or his wife, had any knowledge of what he did. Sharon (Sharon Case) stands by him and states that Jack had scheduled this conference before footage was leaked as a way to be courageous and do what is right. Later, he notices Gloria and Victor do a champagne toast and he wonders if they leaked the tape.

Some of Nikki’s Clear Springs investors start pulling out.

Kay (Jeanne Cooper) tells Gloria that she needs to speak with Michael and with the man whose wife died from the Jabot skin cream. Kevin receives a call saying that Jana’s been moved to the state prison. He goes to see her and she says that at least with her being there, Kevin won’t be able to get close to her again, which is the punishment she knows she deserves for trying to hurt him.

Jana comes up to Phyllis in prison, tearing up to see someone she knows there.

The Young and the Restless
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