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Part One: The Young and the Restless

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) complains to the warden about Jana but when he discovers she's buying phone cards with cash, he assigns Jana to be her new cellmate. Nikki and David hold a press conference during which Nikki insists Jack's problems will have no effect on store sales. While Jack is upset to see he's still on the front page of the newspaper, Sharon worries when she sees her whole life written about in the entertainment section. Jack orders Ben to keep Sharon out of this mess with the newspapers.

Part Two: The Young and the Restless

Michael (Christian LeBlanc) angrily confronts Gloria about the DVD she gave Victor but she urges him to calm down and not worry. Lauren's fed up with everyone including her husband and tells them she can't trust them anymore. Michael then blasts Gloria but she insists she can handle this mess. Later, Jeffrey brings the box to Gloria and shows her what's inside. When she tries to touch the cream, Jeffrey stops her and shows her the gloves that are contained within. Gloria later warns Michael and Lauren that Jeffrey knows the truth.

Part Three: The Young and the Restless

Lauren hints to Michael that she's thinking of removing her investment in Clear Springs. After Brad warned Victor that Sharon is being hurt by Jack's troubles, Victor issues a threat to a reporter and insists that Sharon's name be kept out of the next article on Jack. Michael lets Victor know that he's aware Victor leaked the DVD to the press but Victor plays dumb.

After Nikki's press conference, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) touts to her estranged husband that she's going to be a great businesswoman. He responds that he's going to leave her with nothing, the same thing she brought to their marriage. Turning on an intercom so Jack can hear, Brad tells Sharon he hopes Jack never finds out what she and Nick did in the bank safe.

The Young and the Restless
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