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Amber (Adrienne Frantz) tells Carson that if she can prove that Ji Min stole the money, then she can get off the hook with the law, and possibly get in Kay’s good graces again.

Episode Guide, Part I

Jack tells Sharon (Sharon Case) that if Ji Min comes clean with the information about Jabot, he could possibly lose his Senate seat and ruin his reputation. Kay asks Cane to convince Jill to ask Ji Min to cancel the press conference, since she is the one who wants Ji Min to go public with the info.

Amber heads to Ji Min’s suite, but is thwarted when Cane comes down the hallway, knocks on the door, and is let in by Jill. David suggests that Nikki make her separation from Victor legal. He admits that he’s falling for her, and she agrees that she thinks about it, too.

Episode Guide, Part II

Karen tells Victor and Neil that the government is pulling its multi-million dollar contract with Granville Global. Karen makes some calls and finds out that the person behind this appears to be Jack. Meanwhile, Jack tells Sharon that he bought the land Ji Min’s grandparents live on and will evict them if Ji Min doesn’t agree to stop the interview from happening.

Cane and Jack separately call Ji Min to ask to speak to him before he goes on camera for the interview. At the hospital, Phyllis hands Summer over to Logan, who sends her for tests.


Two deputies come in to take Phyllis into custody. Logan tells Nick and Michael that Summer has RSV, a serious respiratory tract infection.

The Young and the Restless
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