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News of Ji Min’s death spreads throughout GCAC. David tells a news reporter that the information he gave him about Ji Min should never go to print. Jack tells Sharon (Sharon Case) that a reporter called him, saying that Ji Min is dead.

Episode Guide, Part I

Jack and Sharon go to offer Jill (Jess Walton) their condolences, but Jill practically bites Jack’s head off, saying that she knows he couldn’t stand Ji Min and is only here for the photo op. Victor tells Jack that he knows that Jack prefers Ji Min dead, so as not to ever reveal the Jabot scandal.

Maggie receives a call from the medical examiner, then tells Jill and Cane that Ji Min seems to have died by suffocating from a crushed larynx. Everyone is speechless, then Jill remembers that she saw Amber in his room and wonders if she could have done it.

Episode Guide, Part II

At the hospital, a doctor tells Jana and Kevin that they were able to remove 99 percent of her tumor, which means that it was a success.

Kevin excitedly tells Jana that they should buy motorcycles and drive cross-country together. Colleen visits Jana in the psych ward and listens as Jana complains how gross she is, since she isn’t allowed to shower. Colleen takes out her makeup bag and gives Jana a makeover.

When she is finished, and the girls have traded shirts, Colleen brings Kevin into the room and he is speechless at how beautiful Jana looks.


Kevin talks about all the fun they are going to have when she leaves the hospital, but Jana tells him that she’s never going to leave because she is afraid that her tumor will grow back.

She leaves, upset. Colleen wonders aloud if this is all still an act so that she can live life not being in jail.

The Young and the Restless
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