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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide 4/10/08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Victoria complains to Victor about putting Adam in charge. While Kyon and Jeffrey have sex in the living room, Alistair finds Gloria in the wine cellar. He manages to open the locked door but when he enters the room, he unknowingly locks them both inside.

After he tells her what's going on upstairs with Jeffrey and his mistress, Gloria forces the door open and rushes upstairs where she Gloria catches Jeffrey with his lover. He claims he's innocent but she kicks him out. As he leaves with Kyon, Jeffrey reminds her what he'll do but she claims she doesn't care about prison.

Alistair asks her about the comment but she downplays its importance. Jack's caught off guard when he receives notice that Michael is suing him for $2 million. Jack complains to Sharon who offers to talk with Michael in hopes she can make the suit go away but he won't hear it.

She also suggests their insurance will cover it. Michael meets with Victor about the work he's done forming the foundation as well as some work involving Adam. He then stops by the coffeehouse where he updates Kevin and Jana about the lawsuit and then urges Kevin not to invite Gloria to their wedding.

Michael won't consider it when Jana asks about looking for his father to invite to the event. Nick confronts Adam and warns him to leave Phyllis alone.

Adam makes a remark about Phyllis' reaction but Nick again orders him to stay away.

Adam insists his visit was about business and calls Nick insecure. Later, Adam calls Phyllis to apologize and reports that he'll only be able to talk with Nick and Jack from now on.

When she tells Nick about the call, Nick warns Phyllis that Adam is not to be trusted.

Adam stops by the Crimson Lights and introduces himself to Michael who calls him Victor, Jr. Adam starts to explain but Michael walks out. Victor's thrilled to find Sabrina changed her mind about leaving town.

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