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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Nikki pushes Victoria to accept her divorce from Victor.

Sabrina and Victor begin to realize the strong feelings between them. Adam fishes for a confession from Sabrina about her affair with Victor but instead learns Victor hired her to curate an art exhibit in Genoa City.

Victoria is thrilled when Sabrina explains to her that she accepted Victor’s offer.

Later, Nikki becomes suspicious of Sabrina’s involvement when she learns Sabrina is taking a job with Victor. Heather and Brad sit down for lunch and Colleen is shocked to see the two together.

Later, Adrian shows Colleen an advanced copy of his book.

Colleen worries how Brad will react to the tell-all book. Adrian asks Colleen to read his book before saying anything to Brad about it. Later, Heather and Brad get to know one another, and flirt.

Paul sees Nikki is concerned and she confides in him about David’s addiction and wonders if she can trust him. Paul then sees Brad and Heather together and doesn’t like the look of it.

Jana goes to see Gloria to help her get back in Kevin’s good graces. Meanwhile, Kevin and Michael realize that Gloria hasn’t called them all day and that they miss her.

Gloria explains to Jana about Kyon and that she admires Jeff for the way he is able to see the real Gloria and call her on it. Jana asks Gloria to be in her wedding party.

Kevin and Jana try to find a date for the wedding. Fed up with things getting in the way, Kevin finally just picks a random date. Jack and Jeff drown their separate sorrows in alcohol, together.

What happens next? Find out next week on The Young and the Restless!

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