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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Chloe boasts to Lily that she has some leads on more work for her in New York. Cane interrupts and, when Chloe complains about all the time Lily is spending in the bathroom, he announces that Lily and he are due to meet Nikki. After they leave, Chloe discovers that Nikki is not in the office this morning.

Lily confides to Cane that she's afraid to tell her father that she's pregnant because he'll be disappointed. While Lily meets with Neil, Cane assures Jill that Lily is okay. As Cane leaves, Jill tells herself that Lily must be pregnant. Meanwhile, after telling her father she's pregnant, Lily asks Neil if he hates her.

He tells her he supports her and offers to let her come home. Alistair leaks to Jill about his recent adventure with Gloria and tells her that Jeffrey was cheating on her. Alistair stops by and finds Gloria with the movers. She reveals that she's moving because the place almost cost her the love of her sons.

Jill approaches Jeffrey and offers her help with Gloria, boasting that she's a good listener. Jeffrey is suspicious but Jill claims she's simply trying to make sure Gloria is on top of things at work. Later, Jeffrey finds Gloria has moved all of his things to the driveway.

When he makes fun of Alistair, Gloria defends her new friend and kisses him to prove she cares about him But after Jeffrey leaves, Gloria warns Alistair that she maant nothing by the kiss. Alistair returns to Jill and tells her he has a plan to uncover what's going on between Gloria and Jeffrey.

Michael warns Lauren that he doubts that Gloria intends to give up the mansion. Lauren insists that Gloria has changed and urges Michael to accept her.

Jack and Sharon return home and give Gloria a hard time before she exits. Alone in his house, Jack sees a vision of John who announces that he is disgusted with him. John then tells him he won't see him anymore and disappears. Gloria calls Michael and Lauren to see if she can move in with them.

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