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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.17.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

When Chloe insists that Lily go see a doctor on orders from Jill, Cane orders Chloe to leave. Before she goes, Lily leaks that she's pregnant. Chloe agrees to keep this secret but does tell Lily that her career is over.

Nick and Victoria both realize that Victor once again is wreaking havoc with their lives.

He urges her to be strong when dealing with Victor.

Sabrina lets Victor know that Victoria was furious when she told them they were dating. Though he's sorry, Victor claims that it's his daughter's problem because she wants him back with Nikki.

Adam asks if she and Victor were arguing and calls her relationship with Victor a smart move for her. Nikki's relieved when David returns but he doesn't want to tell her what happened during his family visit to Texas. Nikki complains so he claims he was in the hospital visiting a sick uncle and had no access to his phone.

Brad interrupts and invites David to a poker game at his place but David turns him down. Nikki is shocked when Victoria tells her about Victor and Sabrina but then guesses she'll be a "flash in the pan."

Karen advises Neil that she's not sure she should move in and adds that she knows she doesn't want to raise Lily's baby and doesn't want to play grandmother either.

Lily ends up in Dru's old dance studio, crying for her mother. Madame Chauvin suddenly appears and gives her advice about her mother. Lily later tells Neil she's keeping the baby.

Cane finally tells Jill that Lily is pregnant. Adam faces off with Phyllis at the magazine office when he won't talk with her about business and leaks that he's going to New York.

She admits she is too but adds that they won't see each other. Nick advises his father that he's not upset because the magazine is doing well and he won't allow Victor to bother him.

Brad again invites David to his poker game.

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