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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4/18/08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Michael, Lauren and Kevin are shocked by Gloria’s makeover. Gloria hopes her sincerity will persuade them to let her move in. Michael, however, refuses to let her move in under any circumstance.

Alistair arrives at Jabot, nearly scaring the employees to death. Jill declares to Alistair that if he doesn’t find out what is going on between Jeff and Gloria soon she will cut him off. Jeff spills his heart out to Gloria through the door of her G.C.A.C. suite, only to find out that he was talking to the maid.

Kevin explains to Gloria that as long as she has feelings for Jeff, he will continue to have the upper hand. Jack overhears Gloria ask Michael to drop the lawsuit against him.

Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Jack and Sharon wonder what is going on with Gloria.

Jeff and Gloria try to use Alistair and Jill to make the other jealous, unaware that Jill and Alistair have their own agenda. Later, Gloria sets Jeff up to see her in a passionate embrace with Alistair.

Jack realizes that his victory over Gloria is hollow because John’s presence is gone.

Sharon reminds Jack that there is still a John Abbott in the mansion - otherwise known as Jack.

Jack and Sharon celebrate having the mansion back.

Jill informs Kay that Lily is pregnant and begins to make plans. Kay reminds her that this is Lily’s baby and Lily’s decision. Cane is thrilled when Lily assures him that she wants to keep the baby.

Lily shares with Devon and Colleen that she is keeping the baby. They wonder how it is going to work with Cane, and school, modeling, etc. Lily gets upset as she starts to feel the pressure.

Cane and Neil battle over whom will be Lily’s support system for the baby.

Cane confides in Kay that he wants to raise this child with Lily, not Neil. Madame Chauvin calls Lily to meet her. When she arrives, Cane is waiting for her. He asks Lily to marry him.

Cane gives her Kay’s ring but before he gets an answer Lily takes off. Neil confides in Devon that he is willing to give up anything to help Lily through this pregnancy.

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