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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.30.08

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

David urges Nikki to trust him and points out he respects her more than Victor. As he talks, his phone keeps ringing. HeĀ  takes the call at the bar and barks to the caller that he knows he's overdrawn.

When he realizes Brad overheard him, David claims he was mis-charged on his credit card.

When he asks about a game, Brad confirms there is one this week. Running into Jill, Brad finds out that she was the person who canceled the business deal that David arranged and that she doesn't care Nikki and David were upset.

Meanwhile, David cancels dinner after Nikki admits she still doesn't trust him because of his addiction. Skye toys with Adam in his hotel room, joking that she's meeting Victor tomorrow.

She invites him to go on a gambling junket with her but he wonders why she seems so anxious to spend her huge salary. At the ranch Victoria argues with Victor, accusing her of taking mergers and acquisitions away from her to punish her and reward Adam.

Their argument stalls when Sabrina interrupts and Victoria walks out. Later, Adam tells Victoria about a company he wants to buy for Newman but she angrily tells him to talk to her father about it. When he does, Victor explains that Victoria must okay the deal.

Adam claims there isn't time but Victor insists. After their night together, Jeffrey orders a sky writer to put together a surprise for Gloria but when he finds her ranting and complaining to him, he calls to cancel the surprise.

Jeffrey then approaches Jack about allowing Gloria to move back in but Jack refuses. Hearing from her lawyer what it will take to adopt a child, Gloria changes her mind.

She asks Jeffrey how she can reach him but he won't tell her. Seeing Skye with cards at the bar, Brad introduces himself and invites her to this week's poker game.

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