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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.4.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Sabrina shows Victor modern art pieces, in the hopes of changing his perception, and she very nearly succeeds. Victoria finally tracks Victor down in L.A. with Sabrina.

Preoccupied with the art and by Sabrina, he explains to her that he will be back in the morning. Victor invites Sabrina to dinner, which she happily accepts.

Later, unable to deny their connection any longer, Victor and Sabrina share a kiss. Adam is frustrated when J.T. refuses to reveal to him who broke into Newman’s secure network.

Later, he goes to Victoria for information but she also stonewalls him.

J.T. and Victoria decide to do some digging into Adam’s background. Jill lays it on thick to convince Alistair to save Gloria from Jeff’s clutches. Jeff and Jill try to coyly find out how much the other knows about Alistair.

At the mansion, Gloria has a nightmare that Jeff turned her into the police and that Kevin and Michael are reveling in her pain. She is awakened by Alistair knocking.

At first she is harsh with him but is softened by his obvious sincerity.

Kevin expresses his concern for Gloria to Michael who pushes it aside. However, when Amber enters looking for Kay, concerned herself, Kevin starts to think his concern isn’t misplaced. Later, Michael stops Kevin from going to see Gloria. Gloria and Alistair are bonding when Jeff enters and throws Alistair out of the mansion.

Later, as Gloria and Jeff are amidst a passionate kiss, Kyon, Jeff’s Korean mistress turns up. Cane runs into an exhausted and over-worked Lily at the coffeehouse and wonders why she isn’t at class. Chloe enters with news of a huge opportunity for Lily to be photographed by one of the best.

Cane finally steps in with Chloe, and informs her that Lily won’t be shooting today. Lily gets upset, feeling as though she is throwing away a great opportunity. Cane is trying to get Lily to relax at the Chancellor Estate when Amber arrives looking for Kay. Amber and Lily get into an argument when Lily brings up Daniel.

Later, Amber suggests to Cane that she thinks Lily is so tired and sick because she is pregnant. Brad and Nikki welcome Heather on her first day at Jabot. David explains to Nikki that he went to see a counselor and Brad, overhearing this, is worried his plan to undermine David isn’t working. Later, David asks Brad when their next friendly poker game is. Brad and Heather grab a drink together at the G.C.A.C.

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