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The Young and the Restless
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, Lily calls Cane over and reveals that she's pregnant. She tells him that she can't have a baby right now and doesn't want to tell Neil either.

Victoria and Adam argue about the latest Beauty of Nature ad.

Sabrina interrupts and quickly senses her friend is upset.

Alone with Victoria, Sabrina argues about whether Victor and Nikki will get back together. Victor's surprised to see Sabrina here instead of in New York and invites her to stay at the ranch.

Concerned the website isn't doing what she said it would, Jack suggests bringing in a consultant but Phyllis insists she can handle it. Felicia Forrester arrives and boasts about her desire to make sure Forrester gets its money's worth with their ad. She then mentions using Lily but Jack points out she's exclusive to Jabot.

He invites her to dinner but when Phyllis has to cancel because of a babysitter backing out of the job tonight, Adam hears this and realizes she'll be home alone tonight. Lying that he's looking for Nick, Adam stops by to see Phyllis with a concern about the ad. She assures him it will be corrected and asks him to leave.

He asks how she ever got connected with Nick because they are so different.

Phyllis asserts that he lied about seeing Nick so he could be with her.

As she tries to get him to leave, Nick arrives. At dinner with Felicia, Sharon privately points out to Nick that Felicia is flirting with him. When Amber accuses Daniel of being jealous after seeing her chat with Adam, he denies it and the two end up having sex.

At the ranch, Victor surprises Sabrina with a special gift and the two end up in bed.

Hearing from Phyllis that Adam changed the ad, Victoria cancels the change and then tries to reach "the weasel" who refuses to answer the phone.

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