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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on The Young and the Restless, pregnant Lily asks Cane for some time alone.

After Cane leaves, Lily confides in Colleen that she's not sure if she wants the baby. Colleen urges her to go see a doctor but Chloe calls and orders Lily to work.

Cane finds Nick and Felicia trying to convince Nikki to allow the magazine to use Lily. Later, Lily meets Felicia who boasts that Lily is going to be the model for Forrester's new line.

Neil welcomes Karen as she moves her things into his place but the mood changes when he remembers this is the anniversary of Dru's memorial service.

Lily tells Devon she's going to L.A. on assignment.

He guesses she's pregnant and promises not to tell their father. After Jeffrey promises Gloria a new start with a romantic dinner, his mistress Kyon from Korea warns Gloria that he will hurt her the same way that Jeffrey hurt her.

When Gloria takes her rival to show off the wine cellar, Kyon locks her in the room. Seeing Jeffrey at the Athletic Club, Alistair hurries to the mansion to see Gloria. Kyon stops him at the door and forces him out. Jeffery arrives with food but Kyon claims that Gloria left him and starts to strip.

As she does, Alistair slips by them.

Adam asks Victor to transfer him to another project because he and Victoria can't get along. Victor refuses. Later, Victoria blasts Adam again for going over her head regarding the Beauty of Nature.

Victoria agrees when J.T. decides to do a background check on Adam.

Victor advises Sabrina that he wants to hire her as his art consultant.

When Victoria interrupts with another complaint about Adam, Victor decides to keep Adam on Beauty of Nature and move an angry Victoria to another project.

Victoria's thrilled to hear Victor hired Sabrina and asks her to be Reed's godmother. Later, Victor offers to help Sabrina build an art museum in town.

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