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The Young and the Restless
August 11, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless, Amber stops by the hospital and finds Chloe there, complaining about the pain she's in and that Cane has failed to show.

Cane insists to Neil and Lily that he did not have sex with Chloe. Lily decides to go see Chloe at the hospital.

There, Chloe tells Cane and Lily that she is fighting for "little Cane's" life. The two leave when Chloe rudely warns Cane not to be mean to her.

Later, Lily comments to Amber about her friendship with Chloe and warns her to beware of her. Amber claims she just feels sorry for her.

Lily returns home and hears Cane's good career news but then is disgusted to read the DNA test results show Cane cannot be excluded as the father.

Nick advises Michael that Victor's phone was found buried at Sabrina's grave. Adam interrupts and insists that they not notify the FBI for the sake of the company.

He decides to call a press conference to report that Victor has taken a leave of absence. Nick later tells Michael that he blames himself for some of what's happened to his father.

After he calls the FBI, Adam complains to Nick that this is not what Victor would have wanted. Leaving, he boasts that Victor only trusted him.

Later, Nick tells the FBI his suspicions so they ask him to keep this out of the press. Nikki pours herself a drink but before she can take a sip, Victoria interrupts.

She admits her concern for her missing father and blames herself because she didn't accept his marriage. Nikki urges her not to blame herself.

Adam argues with Neil about conducting the press conference and announces that his name is now Victor Adam Newman.

After Adam tells the reporters that Victor is gone, Neil ends the conference just as Victoria rushes in.

Blasting him for thinking only of himself, Victoria slaps Adam. In a Mexican bar Victor questions the bartender as he drinks and then makes a call, telling the other person that he is there.

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The Young and the Restless
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