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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
August 12, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Neil surprises Tyra with a photo of them taken at the gala. He claims that her arrival in Genoa City has been good for Devon and for him.

Lily tells Colleen that the DNA test shows that Cane is the father of Chloe's unborn baby.

Colleen quickly tells Devon who then runs to tell Neil. When he complains to Jill about what he's going through, Jill asks Cane if he slept with Chloe. He admits he doesn't know because he was drunk that night.

At Indigo, Cane's not happy to see Chloe. Neil urges Cane to do the right thing and stay away from Lily.

Later, after Devon blasts Cane, Lily sends her brother away and then announces to Cane that he must marry Chloe for the sake of the baby.

Blasting Adam for holding the press conference, Nick vows to look for his father. Adam counters that Nick's anger actually stems from being written out of Victor's will.

Nikki arrives and lays into Adam for holding the conference but when she starts to chastise him, he lashes out at her, reminding Nikki that this is all due to David, her husband.

He then leaks that David also killed Skye and took her money which she won in a poker game with Brad who he thinks was conspiring with Skye.

Michael reports to Lauren that his father Lowell was actually a math professor who was fired for having sex with a student.

He adds that the California college is sending him a photo.

Heather stops by the ranch and cheers an upset Adam. Nikki confronts Brad about the poker game and when Jill asks what she's doing at Jabot, Nikki accuses her of being in on Brad's scheme.

Jill starts to lecture her but Nikki hands her Victoria's resignation and warns Brad that Jill is going to dump him after she's done using him.

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