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The Young and the Restless
Episode Recap
August 13, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

Kay warns Jill that appointing Cane CEO of Jabot is a bad idea. Jill's not interested in her opinion. Cane interrupts and tells his mother that he doesn't want the position because he's not qualified.

Though it was Phyllis' idea, Nick and Sharon talk about using Jessica White for their next cover model and Jack explains he's moving ahead with the David Chow article.

Kevin calms her when Jana panics after asking the Ouija board about their future as a married couple. Amber makes plans for Jana's party and reluctantly invites Colleen who turns down the invitation.

Daniel finally tells Amber about the gallery offer and he agrees to see her at the airport tomorrow. When Gloria complains that Jill won't tell her what's on the Jabot meeting agenda, Jeffrey advises her that as long as she's a shareholder, she has a right to that information.

Traci returns to town and confronts Brad, asking about the meeting and revealing that she has Ashley's proxy.

He asks her to support him as the new CEO. But when Jill names Cane as the new one and he accepts, Brad storms out and calls Jack, demanding a meeting.

He leaks that Jill knew about David's past and that she just made her son CEO. Gloria invites Jack to partner with her and Jeffrey to take over Jabot.

Nikki's disturbed to find Noah has hitchhiked from summer camp to the ranch after hearing about Victor.

After Amber's forced to admit that Daniel broke off their relationship, a smiling Phyllis gives her 72 hours to move out. Daniel's not happy to hear the news so his mother reminds him what Amber did.

Later, a jealous Amber spots Daniel accompany Colleen to Jana's party. Cane explains to Kay why he thinks he should marry Chloe. Victor gets a lead on the mystery man.

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