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The Young and the Restless
August 20, 2008

Today on The Young and the Restless ...

On the flight to Mexico, Paul admits to Nikki that he did tell J.T. that she was with him. The pilot advises them of some bad weather approaching.

In Mexico, Victor rents a fishing boat and advises Walter that he's the captain.

Accompanied by Michael and two security guards, Victoria enters the ranch house and announces to Adam and Heather that he is to pack his things and move out.

Heather invites Adam to move in with her until he gets this figured out.

Nick's not happy to hear from J.T. that Paul and Nikki are headed to Mexico. J.T. then hears about the storm and updates Nick and Victoria.

Nick decides to take the next flight to Mexico. Adam confronts them and accuses Victoria of gloating about his ouster.

He offers to fly to Dubai to attend to a problem but Victoria insists on going. She also reveals she changed the Beauty of Nature line back to its original name.

At the Mexican cantina, Paul pays some money to learn about Victor's fishing trip while Nikki spots the little girl wearing Sabrina's earring as a necklace.

Nikki calls Nick about what they're learned but can't hear him warning her that there is a hit out on Walter. Neil pushes Tyra to tell Ana that she is Devon's sister but she refuses.

Kay interrupts and explains that she wants to pay for Ana to attend a special school in New Hampshire. Tyra worries privately to Neil that if the school does a background check, they'll discover the truth.

He convinces her to call the school and when she does, she poses as Yolanda. Later, Ana finds out the truth when she takes a call from the school about Yolanda and her daughter.

She runs to Devon at Indigo and tells him what she learned. Jeffrey invites Gloria to the Cayman Islands for their delayed honeymoon. He calls to make reservations and also to order a large money transfer.

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