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The Young and the Restless Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on The Young and the Restless:

Phyllis tells Nick about the expose about Jack that "Clarissa's" writing. Sharon's not pleased when Jack reveals that Gloria is not moving out of the pool house now that Noah has returned.

She reminds him of his promise but then backs off.

Jack asks Nick about the search for Victor and then mentions the article being written about Jill. Phyllis wants to put in her story about Jack his hiring of John's lookalike but Nick won't allow anything personal in her article.

After an argument with Sharon, Phyllis decides to put her in the article too. At Indigo Ana lays into Devon for not telling her that they are brother and sister.

She then admits that she once saw Yolanda's drug dealer and afterwards, was threatened by her mother. Devon urges her to realize all Tyra has done for her.

As Neil hugs a worried Tyra, Karen arrives and is touched when she learns the truth about Ana. Devon brings Ana home and while they talk with Tyra, Karen and Neil leave them.

When Gloria boasts to Kay about attending the stockholders' meeting, she complains about how Jill is running the company John once owned. Fed up with her, Kay reminds her that she has nothing to do with Jabot.

Jack later assures Gloria he'll help her take Jabot back but explains they must get a few shares of stock from Kay's 51 percent.

Admitting she knows about the magazine's plans to introduce a lipstick called "Restless Style" and have Lily model it, Chloe tells Jack she can talk with Cane if he needs anything.

Daniel apologizes as Amber hands the key to the penthouse back to Phyllis. Daniel's curious about Phyllis' writing but she won't let him read it.

When he challenges her, Phyllis relents and allows Amber to stay there. Nick's upset to find Noah at the ranch with some friends who have found the beer and orders the friends to leave.

Sharon lectures Noah about drinking and guesses Nick reacted because he was reminded of Cassie.

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