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The Young and the Restless
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August 28, 2008

On today's The Young and the Restless, Adam offers Brad the position of CEO of Newman and he happily accepts. He later boasts to Jack of his promotion.

Paul meets with Nick, Victoria, Phyllis and J.T. and insists on flying to Mexico to bring back an absent Nikki.

J.T. warns Nick that he thinks someone hacked into his computer. Phyllis and Nick arrive at the magazine and she watches as Sharon comforts Nick.

Nick then lays into Jack for all that he has done to his family and when their argument threatens to turn physical, Sharon stands by Nick.

Phyllis and Jack are both taken aback by her show of support for her ex-husband. Jill's caught off guard when Cane reveals that he and Chloe got married earlier at City Hall.

Jill offers to throw a wedding reception for them and though Chloe wants to wait until after the baby is born, Jill insists she'll have the party tomorrow.

After reading the article that claims she knew about David, Kay warns Jill that the SEC may investigate her. Jill finds Brad and vows to sue him for breach of confidentiality.

A smug and confident Adam advises Victoria that she's "terminated" and will have Brad helping him lead the company.

After Paul urges her to slow things down with Adam, Heather approaches Adam who boasts of all that he has done and claims that they will be moving back to the ranch.

Turned on, Heather starts kissing him.

Still sober, Nikki offers the bartender at the Mexican cantina money for all he knows about Victor but the man urges her to go home.

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