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The Young and the Restless - 8/8/08
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After watching Heather's press conference about solving the Ji Min murder case, Jack decides to do a story on David Chow. Nikki advises Paul that if Victor doesn't want to be found, he won't be.

He encourages her to go back to work, suggesting that the real Nikki wouldn't quit. Jack approaches Nikki about the article but she wants nothing to do with it. He vows to write the story anyway.

Thrilled to hear he's engaged to Lily, Jill offers him the CEO of Jabot as a wedding present. After she explains that it will take time to make it happen, Cane promises to "make her proud."

Brad asks Jill when she intends to name a CEO and is told to be patient. With Phyllis, Nick complains to Brad about Jack's involvement with the magazine and asks if he'd like to jump on board and help him buy out Jack.

Phyllis points out that he would be a silent partner but Brad states that he's not interested. Nick is outraged when Nikki tells him about Jack's story idea.

Jack claims it will be a straight story but Nick warns that he will go to the printer to check each copy if he has to.

Later, upset that Jill betrayed him, Brad offers Jack a story about Jill knowing about David's gambling problem before it became public.

Neil confronts Lily and Cane and asks if Jana's story about Chloe's pregnancy is true.

Cane insists he never slept with Chloe while Lily calls her "crazy." Cane gets a call that Chloe's been admitted to the hospital.

When she arrives at the ranch, Adam leaks the news about Victor but insists she not tell anyone. After a call from one of his contacts, Paul takes J.T. to Sabrina's grave at Evergreen Cemetery where they dig up Victor's ringing cellphone, epilepsy pills and wallet.

Victor is seen drinking in a Mexican bar.

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