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Eden talks with Noah about her father and she finds the money he hid in her stuffed bear. Surprised, she asks Noah to hide the cash.

Later, she catches her father sneaking into Michael and Lauren's place and is hurt to realize he only came back for the cash and won't allow her to go back to California with him.

While she calls Noah to let him know, River panics when he opens the teddy bear but finds only paper inside.

Caught talking with Michael, Kevin's embarrassed as he confesses to Jana that he lied about Gloria's involvement with the tainted cream case at Jabot.

Hearing Gloria is in jail and that River actually is guilty, Jana lashes out at Kevin who pleads with her to "go easy" on his mother.

Outraged by the news about Gloria, Jack ends up turning to Sharon about his anguish and admits he's made terrible choices.

Confronting her at the station house, Ashley advises Gloria that Jabot will be filing a lawsuit against her. Gloria insists she's innocent.

Later, Jeffrey brings divorce papers for her so Jabot can't take their money but she won't sign.

Nikki chats with Victor about Christmas for the family and though he tells her to do whatever she wants, he leaves after she mentions it's Summer's birthday.

After Heather again refuses to leave town with Adam, Paul meets his crying daughter and embraces her.

After he reveals that he found incriminating evidence against Adam in Mexico, she guesses Adam wanted to marry her to keep her from testifying against him.

Sharon stops by with a gift for Summer so Nick uses the moment to warn her that Phyllis knows about their kiss in Paris.

Phyllis spots her and won't allow her inside. Later, she kicks Jeffrey out of the pool house. As Adam tells Victor goodbye, Detective Gil interrupts and arrests Adam.

Rafe introduces himself to Adam as the attorney assigned to his case. Adam claims they have no case against him but Heather brings Paul in with the Mexican bartender and the little girl.

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