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Jana finds Daniel and Amber are quitting Restless Style but haven't resigned yet. Amber leaks to Jana that she saw Kevin with a lot of cash.

When Kevin arrives, Jana asks if Amber thinks Kevin wanted Kay dead.

As Billy reveals that he is with the rest of the Abbott family in taking Jabot back, he explains that Jeffrey and Gloria will also have a role in running the company.

Jill realizes a smiling Jack is responsible for this takeover.

Cane can't believe that Billy would betray his own mother. He warns that the stock will tumble once the stockholders find out what has happened.

Jill reminds them that Jack can't run the business.

Ashley suddenly arrives and announces that she will be in charge.

As she talks up her announcement, Jeffrey and Gloria assure each other that they will have roles in the company. Jack pulls his sister aside and hints that he may be able to foil her effort to place herself in charge.

Lily tries to comfort Cane but when he mentions her seeing a lot of Billy, she tells him it's none of his business.

After refusing to tell Sharon the name of the fellow student he's meeting for homework, Noah reunites with Eden outside the Abbott mansion.

They head to the Crimson Lights where Nick spots his son who is supposed to be grounded. He lays into Noah for being disobedient.

Lauren and Nick decide Noah and Eden can't see each other anymore.

Meanwhile, a shattered Phyllis confides to Michael that she saw Nick kissing Sharon in Paris. As she badmouths Sharon and threatens to reveal this big secret, Michael warns her not to do anything desperate and guesses that Nick will leave her if he finds her attacking Sharon.

As Nick takes Noah home, Sharon tells Phyllis they need to discuss this "as a family." Phyllis calls Brad for help.

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