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Pearl leads Kay to find her ring in her purse and admits that she found it and kept it safe for her. Pearl also claims it's worth a lot of money because the pawnshop owner offered her $5,000.

Once Pearl leaves, Kay confides to Murphy that she doesn't really know who he is. Complaining about their failure to take over Jabot, Jeffrey and Gloria discover they own equal shares of Jabot stock.

Michael gets more bad news when he learns that Howard Sullivan is not going to testify on River's behalf. Lauren approaches Gloria about going to court to help River.

Gloria claims it would hurt her professional reputation.

Laughing at the idea, Lauren threatens to oust her from the family if she doesn't. Later, Jeffrey warns Gloria not to go to the courtroom. Michael has bad news for River.

Billy arrives at the hospital as Chloe is examined after her fall.

The doctor assures her and Cane that the fetal heartbeat is strong. Both are curious to see Billy is with Lily who tells him that she is to blame if anything happens to the unborn baby.

Lily then complains about Chloe and points out she and Cane are not even in love. The doctor tells Chloe and Cane that she must remain in bed until the baby is born.

Calling this a warning, Cane explains to Lily that they can't have any more accidental meetings and confesses that he must, for the sake of the baby, try to learn to love the baby's mother.

Billy jokes with Chloe about getting all this attention and again asks if he is the father of her baby. She insists she married the baby's father.

Lily promises Chloe that she'll stay away from her and Cane for the sake of the baby. Meanwhile, Billy gets confirmation he could be the father.

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