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Part One
In Kansas, Victor learns from Hope that their son Victor, Jr. is a Wall Street investment banker who likes to be called "Vic." Downstairs with his son, Victor warns Vic that Hope is dying from cancer. The two rush upstairs when they hear Hope cry out in pain. Hope then addresses Vic and announces Victor is his father. Chloe brings a rack of clothes for Lily. Afterwards, Lily (Christel Khalil) tells Chloe that they are too tight but Chloe's solution is for Lily to stop snacking and drinking water.

Part Two
Devon (Bryton) urges his sister not to listen to Chloe. Lily questions whether she wants a career in the fashion industry. Cane confides to Jill that he doesn't like Chloe. He returns to the Winters' place and invites Lily out to dinner, calling her beautiful. Lily confesses she loves him. J.T. advises his wife that he doesn't want her to work anytime soon. She hints that she doesn't want to sit around bored. Nick boasts to his sister about the business he and Jack are starting and suggests she come work with him.

Part Three
Nikki leaks to Victoria and J.T. that she and David are planning their own wedding. She invites Victoria to come to Jabot and work but Victoria won't get into her battle with her father. Realizing who he is, Vic asks Victor why he is in Kansas. Victor offers to find the best doctor but Hope insists it's too late. After thanking Jill for hiring a very happy Nikki, David stuns her with the news that Nikki has hired him as the new co- CEO of Jabot. She lets him know that she's not happy with Nikki's decision.

Part Four
Walter's upset with the amount of money "Clark" has brought him and reminds him that he owes him four times as much. David boasts that he's co-CEO and will soon have plenty of cash but when Walter orders him to press Nikki for the cash, David tells him to back off. Jill later spots Walter. David's frustrated when Nikki explains her desire to delay their wedding until her daughter has had time to adjust to her divorce. Victoria's furious to hear about the battle over the birth of her baby.

The Young and the Restless
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